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Custom Built Flower Walls

Add Color to Your Event with Custom Built Flower Walls

Whether you’re celebrating a birthday, a new marriage, or hosting a corporate event, custom built flower walls add color and beauty to your celebration. These stunning walls can be created in a variety of sizes and designs. No flower wall is too big or too small, since every component counts when it comes to decorating for your big day. Look for our custom built flower walls featuring luscious greenery and vibrant blooms. These walls make the perfect addition to a photo area, and they’re also a beautiful choice to use for a wedding ceremony. Add some pink and green custom built flower walls to add a fun touch to your teenager’s sweet 16 birthday party. They’re also a lovely way to showcase a venue if you’re hosting a corporate party and can bring a sense of sophistication to formal events. Visit Backdrops by D and L today to find out more and to place an order for your flower wall.

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